Capital on Demand

Quit worrying about running out of cash - no more supply chain disruptions, late payroll, etc.

Better than a business loan or overdraft

Fast setup

Get up-and-running in minutes, not days. For businesses that qualify, we're able to underwrite an adjustable credit line instantly.

Easy Process

Connect your bank accounts, payment integrators or accounting apps to get a credit limit. No more long calls with loan officers.

Credit limits that grow with you

As you grow, Float grows with you. Your credit limit is determined by your connected business accounts and payment transactions.

Build business credit

We report your payment behavior to all the right credit bureaus and institutions, so you can build your business credit as you use Float.

Do I qualify?

Float is designed for small businesses

We make it easy for you to have access to the credit you need. Get fast and easy access to collateral free credit lines with float

Registered or Incorporated
6 months+ in business
No existing defaulted loans
N10M+ in yearly turnover
Existing business account(s)
How it works

Fast working capital made easy

We keep it simple.

Instant Funding

You credit line is always available for you any time you need it. Draw funds at any time. No wait time. Funds transfer right into your float cash account.

Fair Pricing

You only pay a fee on what you spend from your credit line . No pesky hidden fees

Repay automatically

Float automatically requests to debit your wallet to pay off a withdrawal when due so you can unlock more spending limits

Credit for every business need

Specially designed to meet your use case.

Invoice Advance

Turn outstanding invoices or card sales into cash. Best for cashflow shortfalls and ordering inventory.

Instant payouts

Borrow money against future card transactions and pay back when you make sales. Best for ecommerce and fintechs businesses that accept online card payments.

Pay with Boost

We pay your vendors or suppliers now, you pay us back within 30 days. Best for retailers, manufacturers, product suppliers

Revolving Credit

Get cash as and when you need it and only pay for what you use. Best for cashflow, ordering inventory, payroll, etc.

Got Questions? We have answers.

Who can get credit?

How is my credit line determined?

Do I need hard collateral to get credit?

What is the repayment duration?

How do I repay my credit?

How can I access a higher credit line?

How do I withdraw cash from my credit line?

Can I make multiple withdrawals on my credit line?

Do you charge interest on the credit?