We're building next-gen financial software and credit products for businesses in Africa.

Our Mission

At Float, our vision is to be the financial nervous system of every business. To get there, we're rethinking the modern financial tech stack—making it easier for you to take control of your growth by combining credit, business payments, and financial management into one powerful platform.

There are at least 44 million formal SMBs in Africa. 71% of which require more finance to grow their businesses than they can currently access. However, obtaining credit isn't easy and for most, it's impossible as traditional banks prefer to focus on large corporations.

To address this problem, Float is building a new, automated way for creditworthy businesses like yours to access the fast and flexible working capital they need to grow.

As much as access to credit is a major pain point for SMEs, we realise that in order for businesses to effectively manage their cash flow and scale, the right financial tools to grow their business is equally required.

We're not only providing you with quick access to working capital for your businesses, we are eliminating the hassle of managing invoices, collecting payments and paying vendors.

Our Backers

We are backed by the leading financial technology investors in the world.